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> >
> > model in VB.NET. You know it yourself. Up to 60% of VB programmers
> > have never used a single class, for heck's sake, and you're expecting
> > 'em to suddenly get the message from Microsoft and become OOP zealots?

> Where did you get that figure?
> Not that I disagree. Then, if you lump in the crop of "ASP/VBScript"
> developers
> never "creating a class" (I would rather say that than "using a class), what
> does the
> figure now become?

I remember reading in one of the VBPJ editorials (within the past 3
months) that either 40% or 60% (can't remember which -- Mike might be
correct at 60%) had never used the "class" capability introduced in VB4.
Patrick Steele
Lead Software Architect