> What are we supposed to do then, bet the mortgage on it *now*? Do you
> remember OS/2?

Of course it depends on how bleeding edge you want to be, and what your
business needs are, as to when you adopt it. But judge it on technical
merit not whether it "wins" or not, because for most businesses that will be
too late. There are other winners to chose from, and it's not as if a
couple of months playing with an evaluation project is a bet-the-business

My comment was in the context of MM harping on the past month about how
Kylix/Linux is the better place to be, MS are never to be trusted again, who
needs a VM and GC, blah blah blah. And then turns around and says he'll
quite happily port *again* from CLX to .NET in a couple of years if it
proves successful. That's a foolish strategy for anyone to adopt IMO.