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    David Bayley Guest

    Re: VB.NET: 3 points of view

    > What are we supposed to do then, bet the mortgage on it *now*? Do you
    > remember OS/2?

    Of course it depends on how bleeding edge you want to be, and what your
    business needs are, as to when you adopt it. But judge it on technical
    merit not whether it "wins" or not, because for most businesses that will be
    too late. There are other winners to chose from, and it's not as if a
    couple of months playing with an evaluation project is a bet-the-business

    My comment was in the context of MM harping on the past month about how
    Kylix/Linux is the better place to be, MS are never to be trusted again, who
    needs a VM and GC, blah blah blah. And then turns around and says he'll
    quite happily port *again* from CLX to .NET in a couple of years if it
    proves successful. That's a foolish strategy for anyone to adopt IMO.


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    Mike Mitchell Guest

    Re: VB.NET: 3 points of view

    On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 01:13:16 -0000, "David Bayley"
    <dbayley@aebacus.com> wrote:

    >proves successful. That's a foolish strategy for anyone to adopt IMO.

    You call it "foolish"; I call it "hedging my bets".


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    David Kroll Guest

    Re: VB.NET: 3 points of view

    kylix_is@hotmail.com (Mike Mitchell) wrote:
    >Yes, but now it *is* broke! I am not going to waste my time learning
    >VB.NET in its current very much preliminary beta state, with .NET
    >merely a dream in the Microsoft shipping department's eye, when Delphi
    >5 is here now, and available soon (as Kylix) for Linux, too. Moreover,
    >since I have started to become more interested in Delphi, it is
    >obviously considerably more powerful than Classic VB or VB.NET. It
    >speaks for itself that Delphi is written in ........ Delphi!

    I wish you the best to luck in with Delphi. I suppose the whole .NET thing
    was good for you after all, since you seem happy with your new-found development

    I don't know what it's like where you are, but here there isn't a lot of
    demand for Delphi developers. The majority of corporations are either in
    the Microsoft camp or the Sun/Java camp. If you are bent on ditching Microsoft,
    you might want to consider looking at Java. I know it uses a lot of C++
    conventions (curly braces, etc), but from a career standpoint, it may be
    a better choice. It is certainly a more viable platform at this point.

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    David Bayley Guest

    Re: VB.NET: 3 points of view

    > You call it "foolish"; I call it "hedging my bets".

    The assumption being that Linux is going to "win" over .NET. If Linux does
    happen to wipe out Windows, I guarantee you that the .NET platform will be
    available on it. You are missing the point behind high level platforms like
    CLX, .NET, and Java, which is independence from OSs like Linux.

    IMO, you are gambling that CLX can compete with platforms like Java and
    ..NET. The only people hedging their bets here are Borland!

    Kylix is out now, so have you put your $1,000 where your mouth is yet?


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