I read that there was going to be a special version of the JITer for Windows
CE, that compiles only what is needed. Couldn't a wrapper be put around that
technology so that an Immediate Window could be based on it?

Tim Romano

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> >>Being able to test a routine from the Immediate window without having to
> >>create a test program is a *huge* time saver. Please add this back in.

> >
> >They can't "add it back in". We're not talking about the next version
> >of VB6 here. VB.NET is a c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y new rewrite from the
> >ground up. There *is* nothing they could put it back into!
> >

> Maybe eventually they can hack together an interpreted version of the

> for debugging. The only problem would be to maintain cosistency with the
> regular compiler. How does VB6 do it?