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Thread: Rumors for beta 2

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    William Cleveland Guest

    Re: Rumors for beta 2

    Mark Hurd wrote:
    > From discussions in other newsgroups, it seems the VB concept of rounding is
    > almost entirely a US-centric thing.
    > A number of university people I've asked about can immediately see the
    > usefulness but none of them know of it to be used day-to-day (in Australia).

    I was first taught to round that way in high school chemistry. It
    seemed pretty strange to me then, but it eventually made sense. Of
    course, when I make my phone bills at work, I have to go through a
    function I wrote to round the way I learned in elementary school.


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    Rob Teixeira Guest

    Re: Rumors for beta 2

    Message-ID: <3ac9ff67$>
    Date: 3 Apr 2001 08:50:47 -0800
    X-Trace: 3 Apr 2001 08:50:47 -0800,
    Lines: 9
    Xref: vb.dotnet.discussion:21584

    ><joe@bftsi0.UUCP> wrote:
    >>Beta 2 isn't even out, yet we're all down the rabbit hole already.

    It's not too late to take the blue pill, wake up in your bed, and believe
    whatever you want to believe.


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