I hear so much whining from VB developers about all the changes involved in
.NET. Don't get me wrong, I have as much invested in the status quo as anybody,
but did we really think that thing would stay the same forever? Do you know
how many billing clerks and manual entry operators I have personally put
on the unemployment line due to my efforts as a corporate programmer? When
I started at my present employer there were scores of people performing tasks
that I have replaced with lines of code. Why should it be any different for
me? I am not actually debating the merits of .NET here; I am simply saying
that as developers we need to evaluate .NET on its merits. If the framework
and tools are not better that what we have now then lobbying Microsoft to
scale back their plans might be the right course of action. But if the tools
are better, then quit whining, get yourself a book, sign up for a class and
do what you have to do. If you want to do things the 'old way' then become
a blacksmith.

Paul Ross
Senior Systems Programmer
Ozark Electronics