On Thu, 12 Apr 2001 09:44:09 -0700, "Jonny" <jonny@joyofvb.com> wrote:

>> However, I'm fairly certain I know how *developers* feel about having
>> their code base trashed ..

>Oh yes, the famous 'code base' that we all hear so much about from the
>reactionaries. I have been wondering about this but cannot for the life of
>me see how this can be true.

That's a real shame. Be careful your employer doesn't catch on. Most
code owners like to believe (real or illusion) that their code assets
can be reused.

>In my experience the world of coding is always
>moving and I am always learning, getting better.

Good plan. Sometimes it's a good idea to rewrite something when you
figure out a better way to do it. Keyphrase: "you figure out" If you
find you always need to rewrite everything you do I suggest you find
another line of work.

>It seems that only
>people/companies who are already standing still could possibly build and
>then usefully use a code library.

Yea, Microsoft is certainly stuck in the past don't you think?

>> I suggest you learn something about that at some point.

>Hah, you betray yourself. This is your tired technique - you justify
>yourself via fringe knowledge and put others down in the same way. For
>example, above we see you attempting to define the boundaries of peer
>knowledge as being the boundaries you know thus excluding me and so
>'winning' the point. I honestly feel sorry for you, to be so ossified, or
>maybe the word should be petrified.

The difference between a coder and a developer has more to do with
point of view than knowledge (peer or otherwise). I'm just a dumb ol'
country boy and do not claim to be smarter than anyone else.
Petrified? You've got to be kidding. We have, and are exploring,
many options as "plan b" on this mess... as are many development

>> Maybe you should learn the language better then.

>And again, the same technique. Maybe I should learn more about VB-Classic,
>as you suggest, but I make no claims to programming excellence and certainly
>do not define my sense of worth via streams of cabalistic esoterica. I
>suggest that you do define yourself in this way and that is the real reason
>you are so prominant amongst the luddites and moaning minnies.

You claim to know the language and be some sort of visionary on it.
Somehow you offer up sample code, advice on what's "right" and
pronounce that adhering to existing behavior is "wrong"... and yet
don't understand the language? Interesting.

>> Basic *only* has bitwise operators.

>Really, gosh. Now that is a suprise to me. So now all I need to find out
>what a 'bitwise operator' is and we will be laughing. Its a miracle I have
>gotten this far without knowing this exssentail fact don't you think?

Miracle it is.

>Dan, every statement you make backs up my point. Why don't you relax the
>knot in your stomach and just accept the world is dynamic, you cannot
>control the ocean so let it wash over you. Learn the new stuff then come
>back and soon you will be a Guru again. Your incessant whining does nothing
>except convince many people you are a not fit for the new environment.

I'm not a Guru, nor do I make my living being a Guru. I make my
living as a developer with what you would consider to be a
non-existent code library.

>> Dunno about database front ends. Never did one.
>> I seem to spend all my time on business apps.

>Business that don't use databases I presume.

As a matter of fact, yes. Well, if you want to be technical we do
store some data occasionally but we're not what you'd call a database
front end. Scary thought, but I don't speak SQL.

>You really are clutching at straws to make your points now aren't you. I
>take it you deny that the majority of VB work is concerned with 2/3 tier
>business applications? Perhaps in your world VB coders all sit hunched over
>their Lab desks worrying over the QBit super-imposition states - heh.

You seem to believe that there is a single description of VB
applications, and of developers. With 6/7/5 million (depending on
which number you pick) there are a lot of VB users of nearly every
flavor. Someone, somewhere, is probably hunched over a lab desk at
this very moment.

Language Stability is a *feature* I wish VB had!