VB introduced some bad, non-standard programming practices... now they are
going to allow for this continuing bad practice...

If those who were writing code to compare for true/false had simply used
the *NAMED* constants, not the values, in their code they would have been
fine under .NET.... but noooo... let's belly-ache and moan and get MS to
concede to the people who wrote BAD CODE to begin with...

Fix your code you whiners!!

I think any changes on the VB side to come more into align with the rest
of the programming community should be welcome.

If code-maintenance is your concern, KEEP using VB6 until you can afford/warrant
the conversion time/cost to go all the way to .NET;

Chances are your applications could stands some architectural changes to
take advantage of all the new features available (finally) to VB in .NET.
This alone should outweigh the effects of any .NET-specific changes to the
VB core language.