one reads:

"If you池e using Visual Studio, you値l be able to drag any exposed Web
service right into your application, creating a new class file. If you want
to call a Web service anywhere on the Internet, all you値l need to do is
create a new instance of the Web service class and call its exposed

Can someone who has worked with this describe how you get the icon
representing the web service into your project? How do you add the
reference? Also, is the recognition of the exposed class methods automatic?
That is, if I were to do (something like) this:

Dim oWebSvc as cWebSvc
Set oWebSvc = New cWebSvc

will the exposed methods and properties appear automagically in the editor
when I type the "." after "oWebSvc" on line 3?

Finally, is the reference to the web class valid when the app that uses the
class is deployed, or does the reference have to be changed? That is, does
the developer, who is intending to deploy an application for use at some
remote location, have to take into account the URL/path that the remote
location would use to reach the particular web service? Let me try to make
that clearer. The developer might see the web service class as residing in
a directory on his internal server; does he have to "exit" his local domain,
and go back into his server via the internet/HTTP, when creating the initial
reference to the web class?

Tim Romano