I'm trying to copy a file from a server other than the web server. I have
checked to make sure that the user IUSR_CADWEB has read permissions on the
directory and I have looked about everywhere else I can think of. In DOS,
or from Windows Explorer, I can look at the files and copy then since I have
mapped a drive to that server, however the script in ASP always returns FALSE
on FolderExist. I even made up a batch file which would copy the files
once it was executed and it will work fine for files on the local web server,
but won't find the files across the network on the remote server. I've tried
mapping a drive and using the drive letter (F:\NMImages) as well as specifying
the server name in the path (\\RMS\NMImages) but ASP always returns a False
when checking if the folder exist and errors out when trying to copy a file
from that folder. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks