(Mike Mitchell) wrote:
>This is a test message.

Mike, shame on you. You know full well that "ignore" in the subject of a
message is as easy to ignore as ignoring the need to use a finger to test
the paint around a "Wet Paint" sign. <GRIN>

Hmm. Since I've responded, anyway, I wonder if "PowerBasic_is" is available
at hotmail. Or maybe "VB6_is" or "ClassicVB_is". And, of course, the proponents
could race for "VBNET_is".

I used to use, and like, a number of Borland products, 'way back in the heyday
of Phillipe Kahn, but lately when I see them in the catalogs, they seem more
than a little "pricey" to me. Maybe I better move to the UK, where I am told
that they put the next-to-most-recent version on CDs attached to computer
magazine covers.