> I do. It's a form of belittlement. Same as when Bill Storage, and
others, come here
> and label folks "whiners."

I admit to emotions about VB6 demise, how can I be calling Mike a whiner?!

Let's have a subthread about the emotional impact of losing VB6, and just
call it that!? Let's be "90's" men (and women, but that's culturally
redundant, no <g>) ( Or is that a "naughties" men, you first Karl? )

My own personal VB6 frameworks and addins are *finally* in a state I can be
happy with, fully reusable, and now they are heading for the dustbin. I
feel bad about the demise of VB6 in many, many ways. Outweighed in my case,
but still.

Most of us here could probably say VB6 was as near to a "calling in life" as
anything we have, a mastery we've invested the best years of our lives for,
an art we've become "gurus" in ( that probably covers most of us here, in
SOME people's eyes <g> ).

Mike wants no features of dotnet, no changes in VB6, just a 5 year promise
"in stone". Which, noone has ever given in the history of the industry, of
course. And which by demonstrated practice and experience is probably
unnecessary (pointing to VB3 experience for example).

Eliminate the logical, what's left is emotional. Sorry to see you go VB6,
but there's life beyond...