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    Ara Ashikian Guest

    XML or ADOX (or the .Net versions) for persistence?

    I am looking into adding persistence to my framework of objects. The
    framework is pretty large and 100's of instances of a number of the objects
    are created for any given model created by the user. I am trying to decide
    between using XML or ADO (well, ADOX as I need to be able to create the
    table structures etc.. at run time).

    Apart from saving to and reading from, I do not really need any other
    database functionality. Also, the data is stored locally and does not need
    to have network/internet issues. I am still worried about performance given
    the large number of objects loaded. Is ADO the way to go or would my needs
    be better met by XML (or something else)? I have not really spent any time
    looking at either in any detail. Is XML fast enough? For my object
    persistence goals, would XML DOM or SAX be the way to go?

    Finally, in either case, with the knowledge that my app will not ship before
    ..Net, should I start using the .Net versions of ADO or XML instead? My app
    is mostly in VB6 but I have no objection to using .Net bits if they provide
    more benefits. I will also be migrating some of my main VB6 framework to
    ..Net over time. Is the option of calling .Net components from VB6 known to
    have many problems in Beta 2? Likewise, is the converse of using COM
    interopt from .Net to VB6 stable?

    Many questions...

    Ara Ashikian
    Structural Concepts

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: XML or ADOX (or the .Net versions) for persistence?

    Ara: This (and today's thread on custom attributes) sounds suspiciously like
    a technical question. ;-) This group is intended for non-technical
    discussion of VB.NET (opinions, arguments, etc.) In the future, please post
    technical discussions to the vb.dotnet.technical group; this will make it
    easier for others who may be looking for such information to be able to find
    it. Thanks!
    Phil Weber
    DevX Newsgroup Admin

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    Ara Ashikian Guest

    Re: XML or ADOX (or the .Net versions) for persistence?

    Phil, you are probably right: I should have posted it to the technical
    newsgroup (not clear cut case though). Should I re-post there or could you
    move it there?

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