Search/Find-ing images on your computer/network

Go Beyond Keywords! Perform a Visual Image Search
Searching graphics files via keywords can be tedious.
Learn how to use image-matching technology to find images by matching shapes,
patterns, colors, and textures.
By Chris Brant and Tony DeYoung

The above article WEBDEV discusses how to write a program to find an image.
Great training tool, otherwise a great waste of time. ThumbsUp4.0 A freebie,
will find not only images. It will find any graphic, icon, image, photograph,
etc. on your computer/network. There is a better version but it costs a little.
It is stable and has been around more than 8 years now. The upgrade will
allow editing as well.
It will find a graphic, image, etc. buried in nearly any file, even those
you did not know contained one.
I hate reinventing the wheel. That is a nice tutorial but it is useless otherwise.
On the otherhand if your bag is graphics and you have that much time on your
hands contact them and apply for a job. Be productive.
PS: I am not selling for them. I'm a civil service employee.