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> "Kathleen Dollard" <kathleen@nomailplease.org> wrote:
> >Cut it, or take it to the OR.

> Kathleen, for those of us who just drop in occasionally, and read on-line,
> it'd help if you'd indicate to whom, or about what post, your admonition
> is addressed.

It's addressed to Ted, whose sole "contribution" to design.architecture
in three months and a day is, of course:

'Joe, you are a moron. You must have "seen" many CASE tools but have you
ever actually used one?' -- TTarney@hotmail.com, 2001-09-12,
in news://news.devx.com/3b9fc8d8@news.devx.com

How interesting that he apparently comes to the rescue of UML and CASE,
when he has previously implied here that he in fact knows better:

"...I guess so I have Design Patterns at my side all day. Oh, but wait,
I also have Anti-Patterns also." -- TTarney@hotmail.com, 2001-08-01,
in news://news.devx.com/3b686a72$1@news.devx.com

Looks like he hasn't gotten to Chapter 7 of _AntiPatterns_ yet, due to
being stuck in a never-ending cycle of "Analysis Paralysis", "Viewgraph
Engineering", and "Death by Planning", only to have to just "Throw It
over the Wall" and let the users do the testing and documentation, eh?

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