I have a base form that contains multiple (maybe ten or so) panel controls
each of which have a background image. I then derive multiple (eight in
all) forms from the base form. On the derived forms I have "standard"
controls like labels, textboxes, command buttons, etc. The derived forms
are child forms of a parent MDI form. The child forms (when displayed) will
reside one on top of the other and will fill the entire container area of
the MDI parent form.


When I display the first derived child form in the MDI container there is an
ugly "flashing" of the graphics as the form is rendered on the screen. When
I display the second derived child form the same thing happens. However,
once the derived child forms have been loaded (and displayed - that's
important to note) switching between the child forms using (say) the Window
menu or my navigational buttons does not yield the unpleasant "flashing".
So, I thought to myself why not pre-load the forms and simply call the
Activate method of the form I want to display. That didn't solve my
problem. It was only after I had specifically displayed each derived child
form (using the Window menu or my navigation buttons) that switching between
them no longer included the undesirable "flashing" of graphics.


Any thoughts/ideas on how to load the derived child forms but no have the
"flashing" of the graphics? Thanks in advance for your help!

TK Herman