The author makes some uninformed statements:

"Procedural languages such as COBOL and VB are being rewritten for .NET to
be object-oriented. Teaching developers object-oriented programming is much
more of a stepping stone than understanding syntactical rules.

Languages such as COBOL or VB were never intended to be object-oriented."

Calling VB procedural is totally idiotic. VB was not "intended to be object-oriented?"
I guess he FORGOT VB is object based. To gain some credibility, he could
have pointed this out. This is yet another uniformed individual. I hope they
did not pay much for his "professional" opinion. :-)



"John Butler" <> wrote:
>Came across this article today:
>It's written by a company, FOR Sun , but is fairly neutral (I thought),
>although I don't think the authors live up to the promises they make at

>If you're looking for a comparison, listing of pro's and con's etc between
>the J2EE platform and DotNet, then it is certainly worth a read.
>I'd be interested to hear what the various luminaries that hang out here
>think of it....
>John Butler