VB Classic is still there Joe and you have probably still some time to check
what you could do about .NET.

Are you in the (probably worst) case where VB Classic is just perfect and
you need nothing from .NET though you would like to work in few years with a
product that is still under maintenance ? You could for example still use VB
6 one or two years but prepare a possible switch by taking out from your VB6
apps what could cause a major problem when migrating to VB.NET (if you don't
have already another plan).


"Joe "Nuke Me Xemu" Foster" <joe@bftsi0.UUCP> wrote in message
> "Patrice Scribe" <scribe@chez.com> wrote in message

> > ...though I
> > have no problem if you choose something else (just asking letting us

choose .NET if we
> > want).

> Meaning, "letting us destroy VB Classic if we want", right?
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