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    Jay Glynn Guest

    Re: More on Visual J#.Net

    Geez Michael chill out. I haven't won anything nor do I claim to.

    If you haven't noticed, everyones universe just got realigned. I chose to
    make the best of it, some are choosing not to. That is not my fault.

    "Michael (michka) Kaplan" <former_mvp@spamfree.trigeminal.nospam.com> wrote
    in message news:3bcfb457$1@news.devx.com...
    > "Jay Glynn" <jlsglynn@hotmail.com> wrote...
    > > >really don't care what names you give me. But I know what I see and I
    > > >know what Microsoft has done to classic VB.

    > >
    > > Yeah, they finally fixed it ;-).

    > Jay,
    > There is no need to be quite this rude. You win, okay? Are you the type of
    > person who just gets so much raw pleasure out of the misfortune of others?
    > If not, then lets try to be kind to the people that have trouble with the
    > universe being realigned on them?
    > Thanks,
    > --
    > MichKa
    > Michael Kaplan
    > (principal developer of the MSLU)
    > Trigeminal Software, Inc. -- http://www.trigeminal.com/
    > the book -- http://www.i18nWithVB.com/

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    Aaron Sevivas Guest

    Re: More on Visual J#.Net

    >Why don't you go write some books on migration from VB6? Certainly this
    >would be more productive.


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    Jay Glynn Guest

    Re: More on Visual J#.Net

    *** is up your butt?? Like your the perfect little angel and haven't posted
    a sarcastic or stinging comment before. I poke a little fun at someone, something
    that I don't do all that often and your panties are all up in a wad. Maybe
    you should look at you own post to Mr Mitchell a few days ago, I quote

    So I guess you really do not know much about VB or COM, do you? Thats ok,
    its been obvious you are a Delphi nut, anyway -- kind of nice that you are
    here to remind us how silly the lot of you are....

    Now do you want to talk about rude. Give it a rest Michael. I've got over
    half a million lines of VB 6 code to deal with as well. So is it wrong for
    me to make the best out of the situation, or should I sit around and whine
    and pout.

    >You are just the one who enoys rubbing it in your spare time, thats all.

    >Why don't you go write some books on migration from VB6? Certainly this
    >would be more productive.

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    Zane Thomas Guest

    Re: More on Visual J#.Net

    On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 06:06:06 -0700, "Michael \(michka\) Kaplan"
    <former_mvp@spamfree.trigeminal.nospam.com> wrote:

    >You are just the one who enoys rubbing it in your spare time, thats all. :-)

    Where'd that holier-than-thou attitude come from all of a sudden? In case
    you missed it, there have been a couple of zealous anti-ms nutz hanging
    out here making a mess of the newsgroup for months now.

    The nice thing about standards is that
    there are so many of them to choose from.

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    W.E. (Bill) Goodrich, PhD Guest

    Re: More on Visual J#.Net

    In article <MPG.1637b99620e3b7e3989697@news.devx.com>,
    Michael Bennett <mikey0131@mac.com> writes:

    > In article <3bcdcab4@news.devx.com>, jason@creative_nospam_corp.com
    > says...


    > Doesn't .Net have a security context which controls what assemblies
    > can run under what circumstances?

    A thin one. So did NT4 and W2K. But that did not stop the problems
    that happened under them.

    > Isn't this applicable to remote installations?


    > Isn't this security mechanism based on a 128 bit GUID?

    Yes - a single, easily compromized password.

    > Isn't Mr. Goodrich's *perception* problem

    The perceptions I spoke of come from a variety of sources. But they
    are really more of a problem for M$ than for me.

    > based mostly on MSFT's previous bad press for IIS

    And various OS bugs, etc. And the whole emphasis on transparent
    remote installation.

    > and not .NET.

    ..NET is not released yet. But things that were considered "secure
    enough" two or three months ago no longer seem so.


    W.E. (Bill) Goodrich, PhD

    * CHANGE YOUR SEXUALITY * http://www.nyx.net/~bgoodric/ctg.html *
    * * *
    * Without Aversive * ctgcentral@earthlink.net *
    * Behavior Modification * Creative Technology Group *
    * or Drugs * PO Box 286 *
    * * Englewood, CO 80151-0286 *

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