I don't get it. I thought these newsgroups were set up to discuss
programming. I posted a question about four days ago and haven't received
any responses yet. Meanwhile, hundreds of posts under several '.NET/.NOT'
threads have appeared.

What are the .NOTers and .NETers hoping to accomplish with all this arguing,
name-calling, cat-fighting, and back-biting? Does anybody really think
they're going to convert one side over to the other? Do the .NOTers think
they're going to persuade Microsoft to see the error of their ways and get
cracking on VB 7? Do the .NETers think they're going to persuade the VB6
gurus that Fred is the way to go?

It seems like the most knowledgeable posters here are using all their time
and effort to 'discuss' this issue when they could be helping clueless noobs
like myself become better programmers, regardless of the language. Why don't
the .NOTers go back to their corner, the .NETers in theirs, and we can all
get back to what we're all on these boards for--writing code!

Tim Overbay
Looking around for the playground monitor