I just wanted to get up on my soap box and offer some insight into my world
and hopefully get some feedback from y'all. I have been developing app for
the last 12 years, the last 6 of which has been predominantly with MS technologies
focusing on VB and SQL. I split my time between consulting to clients and
developing commercial apps. For my commercial app I use VB (6) and SQL 7/2000
and have been doing so for several years. For my consulting I use C++, COM+,
ASP or whatever the client chooses.

Now onto the rant. Within the scope of my commercial app, I chose VB because
it was simply one of the best RAD tools on the market, I could accomplish
all of my goals, quickly and easily and I was able to migrate through the
various release moving from VB3 -> VB4 -> VB5 to finally VB6. Along the way
I enjoyed taking advantage of newer technologies that MS has implemented
with the language, eg VB5 native compiler and VB6 COM+ integration, VB4 classes
(ok not really due to the problems, but close). Now I come to .Net and I
must say from my commercial app point of view I am quite disappointed. Just
to clarify I have been working with .Net Beta 2 since last Sept. When I first
heard about .Net I was hoping that MS would go the way of Delphi in offering
Static linking and remove us from the dependecy on MSVBVMx.DLL, when I heard
about the CLR I was initially pessimistic. Over the time my pessimism has
turned to downright frustration.

I have serious doubts of MS's claim that the CLR (20 Mb at least) in size
will be easily updated and will remain backward compatible. They haven't
really done the backward comptability in the past so why should they start

For the sake of my commercial apps I am left with some choices and I would
hope that y'all might offer some other insight.

1. Move to .Net, continue the learning cycle of VB.Net and hope that MS deals
with the CLR correctly.
2. Move to Delphi and learn another language
3. Stay with Classic VB and become antiquated (not really an option)
4. Pray that someone releases an new product that allows me to pick and choose
what features I want to include in my app and how I want to distribute it,
ie (static vs dynamic linking)

Not sure what else to say. Thanks for reading .