One thing I haven't read about in the discussions of .Net is the fate of VBA.
I'm a humble VBA developer working mostly in Access and Excel. I use VB
6 at home on my own computer for some projects and at client sites when the
client's willing to pay for a developer. I'm working with Office XP, and
the flavors of VBA it's using are definitely VB6 compatible. Right now,
VBA's a nice stepping stone to working with VB6 and I can write functions
and classes in VBA that I can port up to straight VB with minimal changes,
worries, and hassles. It doesn't sound like that will work as well with
.Net. One particular concern is, starting with Access 2000, VBA moved to
ADO objects from DAO. Now the advice is to move away from ADO in .Net.

I'm as mercenary as any of us here. I can build apps in Access and Excel
which require no knowledge of the parent program to use, and I enjoy doing
it. I'm also pretty good with VB6, but right now that's not what people
come to my employer for. Does anyone know if Microsoft is planning on making
.Net-type changes to VBA? If so, when, and what happens to projects written
in prior versions of VBA?