I have a projecto on vb6 that i stored a many records using fields with ADO
recordsets (it was not a database, but a txt file).

I use the MoveFirst, for example, to obtain the first element on the recordset
and the MoveLast to find the last record. And, for example, i was using Find
not to repeat values, when i was selecting them.

I want to use vb.net and it's collections classes. Which is the better? I
tried NameValueCollection, but, as a lame, the only way that i found to retrieve
the first element on the first key was doing something like this:

Dim strData As String = m_RS.Item("Data")

But, how to get the last one? How to find a recordset like this code below:

RS2.Fields.Append "state", adVarChar, 300

While Not RS.EOF
If Left(RS!state, 1) = "<" Then
Nick = Mid(RS!state, 2, InStr(RS!state, ">") - 2)
If RS2.EOF = False Or RS2.BOF = False Then RS2.MoveFirst
RS2.Find "Frase = '" & Nick & "'"
If RS2.EOF Then
RS2!state = Nick
End If
End If

CountNicks = RS2.RecordCount

BinaySearch is not so good like the "Find" on ado. must i use ado.net? I
donīt want it, because is to slow.