"Michael D. Kersey" <mdkersey@hal-pc.org> wrote in message
> Barry Parr asks interesting questions about web services in his NEW
> ARCHITECT MAGAZINE (formerly Web Techniques) article "Will Web services
> do anything for consumer software?" Some clips:
> > "Who really needs it?
> > The push for consumer Web services is coming simply because
> > we now have the technology to distribute applications, and
> > most importantly because it serves the strategic needs of vendors.
> > Neither case has anything to do with end-user demand.
> > This is the classic formula for technology-driven failure,
> > not market-driven success."

> > "What the folks in Redmond would really love to do is rent
> > our customers data back to us once they've gained control of
> > it. That's the dream behind Passport and other .Net services.
> > Once Microsoft or any other organization convinces customers
> > to store all of their infromation at one location, other
> > companies will have to pay Microsoft and upgrade their software
> > to access that data."

> After reading MM, this article is indeed "Deja vu all over again!"

I do sincerely hope that "analysts" and the like aren't expecting
web-services to be something analogous to web-pages. I had clients (and
even worked for a company) that assumed exactly that. And that UDDI was
going to basically be a replacement for DNS.

They solve a programming (plumbing) problem and that's it. Consumers won't
(or shouldn't) be aware of web-services. They're a programmer's tool.

I've read several amusing articles on slashdot (where do they find these
people?) that .NET is all about subscription services and charging people
for data and every conceivable horror story that could possibly exist. I
think there is semantic confusion between Web-Services and

I've yet to see the class in .NET that says MS.Servers.StoreConsumerData. I
think there was a marketing collision somewhere.

- Robert

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