Things I've learned in this NG so far:

..NOT: Microsoft broke backwards compatibility in VB.NET!

..NET: So don't use it.

..NOT: .NET rendered billions of line of code obsolete in one day!

..NET: Wow! It's better than we thought.

..NOT: .NET will make millions of VB programmers unemployed!

..NET: Wow! It's much better than we thought.

..NOT: They took Control Arrays away in .NET!

..NET: They gave you something better. What's wrong with it?

..NOT: It's not the same!

..NET: D'uh! What's wrong with it?

..NOT: It's not the same!

..NET: Whatever.

..NOT: They took away variant!

..NET: So? Use Object.

..NOT: It's not the same!

..NET: How does that affect your code?

..NOT: Do you mean they're the same?

..NET: No, I'm asking how the difference affects you.

..NOT: Are you saying they're the same thing?

..NET: Never mind.

..NOT: They took away Deterministic Finalization!

..NET: And this impacts your code how, exactly?

..NOT: It's not the same!

..NET: Are you just going to say this all the time?

..NOT: I don't know the real difference, but it's not the same!

..NOT: They're going to charge us to use .NET.

..NET: According to whom?

..NOT: I don't know, I just made that up.

..NET: Uh-huh.

..NOT: Web-Services suck! No one in their right mind would use them!

..NET: And they suck because?

..NOT: They're slow, unreliable, prone to failure, etc.

..NET: Compared to?

..NOT: I don't know. I've never written one.

..NET: Made that one up too, huh?

..NOT: Umm.You're not a computer scientist like me so you wouldn't

..NOT: VB.NET sucks!

..NET: So take it back to the store where you bought it and get your money

..NOT: I didn't buy it.

..NET: Where did you get it from?

..NOT: I didn't. I've never installed it or used it.

..NET: Thank you for playing.

..NOT: I'm going to make up a lie to tell you today.

..NET: And I'm going to believe it because..?

..NOT: Because I have a science!

..NOT: Microsoft hurt sun by not distributing Java.

..NET: I thought Sun sued them not to distribute it?

..NOT: Microsoft was being anti-competitive.

..NET: By doing what Sun told them to?

..NOT: Microsoft will get what's coming to them.

..NET: Hopefully that includes Scott McNealy's head on a stick and his ***
on a plate.

..NOT: Language Stability is the most important feature of a programming

..NET: Okay.

..NOT: Language Stability affects us all.

..NET: Okay.

..NOT: VB.NET broke language stability.

..NET: just came out? You mean it's not compatible with the beta?

..NOT: It's not compatible with VB!

..NET: Okay. They are different products after all.

..NOT: But they aren't compatible!

..NET: Who said they would be?

..NOT: Microso.well, Okay, they didn't say it would be, but they provided
this crap wizard.

..NET: Yep. It's crap.

..NOT: VB.NET sucks!

..NET: So don't use it.

..NOT: I don't. I've never even seen it running. In fact, I'm proud to say
I've never been within at least 5 miles of an installed copy of it.

..NET: Whatever.

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