Thank you for the correction on Win95 - should not be a problem since we do
not have Win95 on anything here anymore.

The reason this has lit a fire again is due to the release of the MS Oracle
Data Provider for .Net. The documentation that I have reports 200% better

Those kind of gains would be worth the conversion in my book. But I have
to find out how much of a gain we would see, estimate the conversion time,

I've got a lot of work ahead of me, and I wanted some starting ground.

Thanks again!

"Patrick Troughton" <> wrote:
>Hi Brent,
>To run applications on the .NET Framework, you need:
>Minimum Requirements
>Intel Pentium class, 90 MHz or higher
>Operating System
>Microsoft Windows 2000, with the latest Windows service pack and critical
>updates available from Microsoft Security Web site
>Microsoft Windows XP
>Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
>Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME)
>Windows 98
>Minimum RAM
>32 MB (96 MB or higher recommended)
>Hard Disk
>Hard disk space required to install: 160 MB
>Hard disk space required: 70 MB
>Video: 800600, 256 colors
>Input Device
>Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
>Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later is required (click to get Internet
>Explorer 6.0).
>Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 is required (Microsoft Data Access

>2.7 is recommended).
>"Brent" <> wrote:
>>OK, I've been reading in a number of locations that people are not moving
>>to .Net due to the hardware requirements.
>>The only hardware requirements that I have found are for the development
>>suite, and these are not overly high either. I know that MS has released
>>the .Net Framework for Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, from

>>I've heard this is all you need to run a .Net app.
>>My question is, is the .Net Framework all you need, or are there hardware
>>requirements as well? If so are there any links to this information on-line?
>> I'm trying to put together a proposal to get a copy of VS.Net in-house

>>evaluation and I need to be able to prove to the powers-that-be that if

>>upgrade to .Net we won't have to upgrade all the PCs in our shop.
>>Thanks for any help.