Dan Barclay <Dan@MVPs.org> wrote:
>On 12 Aug 2002 16:44:55 -0700, "Patrick Troughton"
><Patrick@Troughton.com> wrote:
>Right. In case you forgot, the issue you took up arms about was
>whether this syntax was called a "statement' or not.

That was your example, not mine. If you would have just admitted this in
the beginning instead of being so evasive, we would saved each other about
20 posts.

>Prior to VB.Net (from the time they were introduced to the language
>through VB6) they were consistent.

I haven't really thought about this. My point was to compare/contrast the
five procedure calling syntax rules (plus two special cases) of VB6 to the
VB.NET's single rule. But to address your point about consistancy, I'm not
sure that not having identical syntax for two different things (statements
and procedures) is such a bad thing. They're not the exact same things, why
should have the exact same syntax? In fact, could it not be argued that it
makes things a little more clear? Now, it's easier to tell the difference.
You could just look at the confusion in this thread alone to see that people
are having trouble telling the difference.