Hi Dan,

"Dan Barclay" <Dan@MVPs.org> wrote in message
> Sorry, I don't follow your "new rules".
> In VB6, if you see a statement without a Call keyword in front of it
> then its argument list needs no parens surrounding it. That is the
> case whether it's a built-in statement or a user Sub.
> Sorry, but that seems *real* simple to me.

Well, its already more complicated than it needs to be and you haven't
mentioned the case of when you are assigning a return value to a variable,
which complicates it even further.

> Now, the issue of whether an *individual argument* has parens around
> it is a separate issue applied to each argument. If you want a copy
> of the variable (or expression), you enclose an individual argument in
> parens (aka "byval").

At some point we have a function call like this:

If GetMyObject(myObjectVar) Then


End If

At a later date we decide that GetMyObject needs to raise an error if
something goes wrong instead of returning False, so...<cut>...<cut>...

GetMyObject (myObjectVar)

"Object or with variable not set." What the...! Oh yea, I forgot to
remove the parens, silly me.