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    Larry Serflaten Guest

    Re: Son of VB6 vs VB.NET...Procedure Calling Syntax

    "Dan Barclay" <Dan@MVPs.org> wrote
    > DoThisThing ((ProtectThisVar))
    > Does this execute Sub DoThisThing and pass the value of ProtectThisVar
    > in such a way that DoThisThing can't change it?

    The Beta 2 version I have allows it as you say.

    > Without thinking in the entire context of the language, they
    > apparently took the 'most frequently asked questions' list and
    > implemented what they could. There weren't any questions about this
    > being a problem the other way because it wasn't a problem...yet.

    Time will tell....


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    Dan Barclay Guest

    Re: Son of VB6 vs VB.NET...Procedure Calling Syntax

    On Mon, 12 Aug 2002 20:17:44 -0500, "Larry Serflaten"
    <serflaten@usinternet.com> wrote:
    >I'd suspect that the intent was more about using the same parsing
    >algorithms for user routines as they did with system calls. But you
    >use their market speak as if it defined the language!

    No, it was the implementation that defined the language. For whatever
    reason, they defined it a certain way. The "market speak" you're
    talking about was in the user doc and only told how to use what was

    So, when they come up with the next bright idea you can rewrite your
    code again (again).

    Language Stability is a *feature* I wish VB had!
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