Ted wrote:
>>> Dim runner As New Thread(AddressOf MyThreadProc)
>>> runner.Start()

>> It is.

> I am sorry. To start a thread is very easy, you are correct.

Thanks for the ackowledgement Ted but, I already knew I was right (as was
Tom). His comments were about starting a thread (re-read his post if you
have any doubts).

> To write a multithreaded application, well once again you are WRONG!!!

Are you really suggesting that anyone in the thread claimed a two line code
segment was to be considered a useful app (multithreaded or not)?.

> Threading seems to be something that VB couldn't make easy enough for
> VB developers. I think it was stated earlier in this thread how hard
> it was to do threading in VB in the past.

In some versions of VB -- it was relatively easier to do in VB5 than V6 for
instance. Reagardless, VB has never really supported multithreading.

>>> Unfortunately it's not that easy. Now they are tracking down us old
>>> C++ dinosaurs to explain deadlock, race conditions, starvation,
>>> priortization, TLS, synchronization, and the list goes on.

>> Which you learned from a book (or asked a friend or maybe in a
>> class) a while back right?.

> Oh then I'll just throw some books their way. Unfortunately there
> are no books that were written with VB and threading in mind, that I
> know of.

Not suprising since most VB.NET books include material on multithreading
anyways. Try Doug Lea's book. It should be easy to apply the concepts to the
..NET platform.

> Unfortunately Kunle, I didn't learn from a book or even a
> class and I **** sure know I didn't learn it from a VB developer.

Your loss -- assuming you aren't lying through your teeth about not having
relied on a book/article or class for learning this topic (which I believe
you to be).

> I have had to learn through trial and error because quite frankly there
> are no good books on multithreading( the right way ) on the market.

You learned all about concurrency and multithreading through trial and
error. Really?. I believe you Ted. Really. No, no,...I mean REALLY!

As for books, just a couple from my shelf (the nearest ones as I can't be
bothered to get up):

Principle of Concurrent Programming by Ben-Ari -- printed in the 80's
Principle of Concurrent and Distributed Programming by Ben-Ari -- printed in
the 90's

Structured Concurrent Programming with OS applications by Holt et al --
another from way back

Concurrent Programming with Java by Doug Lea -- very good for concurrent
programming patterns

And a few links too...


> Oh I am sorry we had a race condition that caused that line to go
> berzerk.


> Once again, thanks Kunle for your insight. I will go ahead now and
> update my resume to state that I now know multithreading in VB.NET.

Once you've learned multithreading Ted, applying the concepts to a new
system is [usually] a simple undertaking. It is certainly trivial for Java
and .NET.