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> > > > 2) It is closer to the way people normally think, and is
> > > > therefore more intuitive.

> > > I disagree. I find OO based design much more natural than plain
> > > Modular development.

> > So you have claimed. However, the Cognitive researchers, from
> > Piaget to Gazzaniga, paint a different picture. And since your
> > "observation" is neither systematic nor objective, I will pay
> > more attention to their claims than to yours.

> > Contrary to the misplaced claims of some early OO advocates,
> > people clearly think of "things" and "actions" differently and
> > separately. MRI studies and the like have even shown that they
> > use different parts of the brain to do so.

> Excuse me, but you made the point that "[Modular development] is
> closer to the way people normally think", which I rebutted.

No you didn't. You made a counter claim, citing no more data or
authority than your own subjective impression of your own experiences
under a very limited range of conditions.

> Contrary to what you might think, I *am* a person, and OO is closer
> to the way *I* think,

Or rather the way that you *believe* you think under limited

> and *I* find OO design more natural.

Which says absolutely nothing about the way you NORMALLY think. It
only addresses your personal comfort level performing a specific task
in a particular manner.

> Therefore, from my objective viewpoint,

No, you are explicitly describing a SUBjective observation. It is not
objective in any way, shape, or form.

> I find OO development infinately superior to MP.

So, from your subjective viewpoint, you are more comfortable doing one
(rather atypical) task in a way you categorize as OO. That's fine, but
it says nothing about the way you normally think - much less the way
people in general think.


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