"PWilmarth" <pwilmarth80231@msn.com> wrote:
>Your answer is rational and reasonable, but remember, the game Mike is playing
>is to refuse to acknowledge any valid points that you have. Don't know if
>you have ever watched the debates on MSNBC or CNBC. They argue for the sake
>of arguing. Doesn't matter if the other side has valid points. If he (or
>Bill) acknowledge your arguments as valid, the game is over.

I think you are right. So far, they have managed to avoid or gloss over
3 or 4 direct questions about object use in VB.

So I will keep asking the question. If Bill thinks MP is far better than
OO, and MM agrees, how do they rationalize using all those canned objects
provided to make form design easier, and to wrap the Windows operating system?
If they are using VB6, then they are using objects routinely, whether they
create them or not.

I think this knocks a big hole in the "MP is great, and OO is useless" argument.
But MM seems to think that this is a joke, and Bill has thus far simply
avoided the subject.

Oh well. I've never met with stone silence from Bill before, so this is
an interesting topic. I think I will stick with it until I get a decent