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    Scott Guest

    Reading and Writing Data

    I'm a VB.Net beginner. I want to read numbers (double) from a text file (many
    numbers per record separated by commas), display the valules and perform
    some calculations and display the results text boxes as well.

    I also want to take those values read and calculated and write them to a
    new file.

    I've tried using SteamReader/Writer and Parse commands but somehow the formating
    is wrong and/or declarations are inconsistent.

    I've been searching on the Net, to no avail!

    Any ideas?

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    Anthony Jones Guest

    Re: Reading and Writing Data


    Perhaps if you post the code you have with a description of what you are
    expect compared to what you are getting.


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    Scott Guest

    Re: Reading and Writing Data

    "Anthony Jones" <Ant@yadayadayada.com> wrote:
    >Perhaps if you post the code you have with a description of what you are
    >expect compared to what you are getting.

    Thanks for responding, attached is the code of reference. I get an error
    : "Input string was not in a correct format."

    The code:
    Dim StreamToDisplay As StreamReader
    StreamToDisplay = New StreamReader("C:\TEMP\LOXBP.txt")
    Dim Strline As String
    Dim intline As Integer
    Dim data1() As String
    Dim data() As String
    'Read one line at a time
    While StreamToDisplay.Peek <> -1
    Strline = StreamToDisplay.ReadLine
    intline = intline + 1
    ReDim Preserve data(intline)
    data(intline - 1) = Strline
    End While
    'While SReader.Read.Parse(Strline)
    ' ' txtPin.Text=

    'End While

    txtPin.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtPsump.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtHpodia.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtLpodia.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtHPOclr.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtLPOclr.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtPistonx.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtSpeed.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtDens.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtK1.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtHpoCd.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)
    txtLpoCd.Text = StreamToDisplay.Read.Parse(Strline)

    The LOXBP.txt file contains one record with "double" numbers separated by
    commas. What I expect (or want) to see is the numbers displayed in the corresponding
    text boxes.

    I'm new to this programming and I'm somewhat overwelmed with the vast commands!

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Anthony Jones Guest

    Re: Reading and Writing Data


    OK first up the initial loop to read lines into an array seems fine
    althought the strLine variable seems superflous just assign Readline
    directly into the data array. After this loop you will have an array of
    strings that represent the set of lines in the file. At this point you
    ought to call the StreamReader's close method.

    Now what you are trying to do afterward is a little vague because the code
    is quite flawed.
    Let's just assume that you want to display the fields in the first line of
    data in a series of text boxes. Let's also assume that you expect these to
    be double precision numbers.

    You need to use the split method of the string class in order to seperate
    each value in the line. Handily you already have an additional array
    dimensioned so you need:

    Data1 = Data(0).Split(","c)

    See String class Split method documentation for an explanation of how this
    Data1 will now have a seperate element for each value in the line.

    Since a TextBox displays a string you could do something as simple as

    txt.Pin.Text = data1(0)

    to show the values.

    It seems that the Parse method has you really confused. Parse in these
    cases is a shared method. Hence it is not necessary to have an instance of
    the destination type in order to call it. Let's just say that before you
    assign the value to the text box you want to validate that it does represent
    a double precision figure. You could do something like:

    txtPin.Text = Double.Parse(data1(0)).ToString

    This line attempts to parse data(0) as a double then converts the double
    value back into a string. If data1(0) cannot be parsed to a double you get
    the formatexception you're getting currently.



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