Mike Mitchell <kylix_is@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:02:24 -0600, Dan Barclay <Dan@MVPs.org> wrote:
>>Do you think, having looked at the path MS provided for transition,
>>that these people really want a move that will (possibly/likely) set
>>them up for this situation again?

Who cares? The choice is move to Java or suck it up and learn a .Net language.
M$ ain't gonna go out of business because a few diehard VB 6 developers refuse
to learn a modern language. Most of the .NOT'ers aren't moving because they
have existing vertical application code. But those vertical applications
don't affect M$ income at all. VB 6 applications will progressively become
more and more outdated until they _have_ to be rewritten.

>And this is where Microsoft is really between a rock and a hard place.
>The less VB.Net is able to capture the enthusiasm of a considerable,
>significant band of brothers, happily coding away, the more likely it
>is that Microsoft will order the grim reaper to pay another visit.
>Well, the potential is there that even Microsoft would eventually have
>to throw in the towel, otherwise they'd have a lame dog product
>limping around after them into the future wherever they go. But in
>order for the above not to happen, they need to generate that
>enthusiasm! In the millions of programmers who have just had the rug
>pulled out from under. Not exactly the most trusting bunch of would-be
>converts, I'd guess.

.Net has already "captured the enthusiasm of a considerable, significant
band of brothers." Dont' be blinded just because they aren't the same set
of "brothers" who happily coded away in VB 6.

>I still say that the entire .Net thing is not needed. Whatever $ signs
>Bill might have on his eyeballs when he dreams at night with respect
>to web services and pay-by-the-minute, I just can't see how web
>services are taking off to any significant extent and, moreover, I
>reckon there are thousands of corporates for which web services will
>forever remain on someone's esoteric wish-list, i.e. could be nice,
>but we just don't need it.

You mean _you_ dont' need it. Others do.