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> > > No, no! We need to get Microsoft to admit it!
> >
> > Mike: That's actually why I wrote the piece that started this thread.

> > going to use what little influence I have to try to get MS to make the
> > VB6-to-VB.NET transition more similar to the VC++-to-MC++ transition:

> > Just Works."
> >
> > If MS won't do it, I think there's a market for a third-party

> > wizard that does a better job.
> Microsoft will do it, if they perceive that the following three

> are met
> 1. Sales & usage figures are bad for VB.NET
> 2. They believe this is having a significant negative impact on the

> of success for the .NET platform overall.
> 3. They believe fixing it will retrieve the situation.
> I don't have access to Microsoft's sales figures, but I have been

keeping an
> eye on newsgroup volumes in the dotnet groups on the msnews server,

> probably serve as a reasonable indication of usage. The C# groups have

> 50% more traffic than the VB.NET groups. I once took a look at a sample

> the posts on the framework groups, to see which languages were being

> more there, and the same ratio seemed to hold.
> Of course you're assuming that more posts mean higher popularity. That's

> oversimplification. It could mean instead that more folks need help with

C# than VB.NET.

That's true - but its not going to make an order-of-magnitude difference, so
the approximation is good enough. I've seen figures which suggest there are
(roughly) 10 times as many VB6 users as VC++ users, so if migration rates
from VB6 to VB.NET were even remotely comparable to those of C+= to C#, we
should be seeing the VB.NET volumes completely swamping the C# volumes. It
isn't happening.

In any case, even in the language groups, most of the questions involve the
use of the new elements in the framework, both for C# and VB.NET. Since the
framework is common to both, there's no particular reason to ascribe the
higher posting rate in the C# groups to the idea that C# is more difficult
to use. After all, other things being equal, C# ought to be *easier* to use
with the framework, since they were designed for each other.

> After all
> that is the purpose for posting a question in the first place. You have to

consider other factors.
> ASP.NET uses both VB.NET and C# so you may want to eval the posts there as


I already did. To +/- 10% or so, the ratio still holds (admittedly with a
fairly small sample, maybe a couple of hundred threads.)

Jonathan West