Paul Clement <> wrote:
>Well Mid is supported but once again you may want to indicate specifically

what you
>are doing. It
>could simply be the .NET environment and not the actual function. And, it's

>the VB.NET
>variation may be relatively easy to implement with a performance improvement.
>Paul ~~~
>Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

Hey, if you have any pull with MS (I assume that's what Microsoft MVP means
..), ask them to just confer with some of the members of the old VB6 development
team to find out how to get Mid and ReDim performing acceptably. Although
a lot of people mention the poor performance of Mid, ReDim is even slower.
It may be discouraging to some people to port an app to VB.NET and then find
out that extensive array usage is penalized.
I found an ugly hack around the problem (by redimming in large blocks), but
if Microsoft just fixes the **** thing we won't need the hacks.