On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 10:01:09 -0000, "Gary Nelson" <gn@contanet.es>

>I think that's what we are all saying. How can I get up to speed in .net if
>I have to spend most of the time in VB6?

Well, the short answer is, I think, you can't! It's a choice. And that
is the problem. This morning I received the Feb 2003 issue of Visual
Systems Journal (www.vsj.co.uk) in which the editorial includes:

"Windows programmers are being asked to change their model of the
universe, and they are being sold this idea as something to do with
XML and Web Services. This is verging on the laugable."

There is only a certain amount of time in the day and all the while
programmers have to do a particular job just to keep their heads above
water, they're not going to be able to allocate time to learning
something quite different. Even evening classes are done well away
from work, after one has gone home for a couple of hours (at least),
had a chance to relax a bit and take the dog for a walk. One needs to
spend 100% of one's mental resources when learning something new and
if the commitment (let alone a valid reason) isn't there, then failure
or confusion is almost inevitable. That is yet another reason why the
decision to replace VB with VB.Net was daft, as it just doesn't allow
a seamless, gradual changeover. It's all or nothing from the moment
you make the decision to switch.