"Jonathan West" <jwest@mvps.org> wrote in message
> It's a bit of a pity that your opinion on the change in language can be
> paraphrased as "it's better because I think it ought to be that way",

> that you haven't suggested one single tangible benefit that has come from
> it. Consistency is not an end in itself. You have already agreed with me
> that consistency is sometimes an impediment to readability. In fact, that

> the case in this specific instance. Consider:
> - VB.NET was (supposedly) targetted at the VB6 developer community
> - The VB6 developer community already knows Wend, and so has no
> trouble reading it

I for one (a QB/VB1/2/3/4/5/6/.NET developer) simply cannot remember ever
using Wend. I know I must have done in the past, but I cannot remember ever
using it. It bothers me not one iota that Wend has been dropped; I always
used the:

Do While (condition)

and the converse:

Loop Until (condition)

constructs anyway. For some reason I always found it made more sense.

> - With End While, it is not until you read the second word that you
> can distinguish the statement from several other similar ones,
> which means that it takes marginally longer to read and
> comprehend the statement.

That's just about the most spurious argument for Wend I've yet seen. You're
seriously telling me that the nanosecond that it takes you to read two short
words is going to hold up your productivity? That's just ridiculous.