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>> >> There's no way in VB to advance to the next iteration of a
>> >> loop without GoTo.
>> >
>> >Other than an if block, which I have used to avoid GoTo.

>> You don't need that old fashioned "If" either. You can use the newer
>> Select Case instead.

>And when you can find an 'If considered harmful' paper by someone as
>reputable as Djikstra, we'll talk.

LOL. Oh, but we're going by Patrick's standards. We've gotta clean
up this piece of crap language.

Maybe you'd like something from Stroustrup though (regarding C/C++
For maintenance programmers, each incompatibility is yet another thing
for the programmer to keep in mind and a source of errors. For library
builders, differences require decisions about which language and
dialect should be used for implementation and create a need for
multiple interfaces (or a common interface using minimal features
only) to support several languages and dialects. For tools builders,
including compiler writers, each incompatible feature forces a special
case in the implementation and often a compiler option for its

Of course, this wouldn't apply to VB.

Language Stability is a *feature* I wish VB had!
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