My question is this. I have a DataGrid and some textboxes on a form as well
as a OK button. The problem occurs when these controls are databound. If I
edit some value in a textbox or the grid and still have my input focus there
when I click the OK button the edits are not persisted to the underlying
datasource. I manually have to call EndCurrentEdit on the underlying
datasources bindingManagerBase to get it all to work.

Now there must be a way to let the controls know that when I click the OK
button that they should all leave "edit" mode if they have it.
Or isnīt there?

Is there a better way to accomplish this behaviour? I have tried validating
event but doesnīt seem to happen before the ok buttons eventhandler through
for some strange reason. I canīt possibly be the only one who have run into
this issue.