Hi all,
Im relatively new to VB.Net, but what I am trying to do is create
a report that incorporates the results of an MSChart(or more so a series
of 15 charts to display the results graphically for a decision support system).
So far I have utilised the Printing class to generate the report and use
the PrintPreviewDialog box to display. I have created the text that is needed
by using the ReportPageEventArgs but I am having troubles including the results
from an MSChart. Unfortunately the documentation for Mschart is not very
helpful. I know you can copy an image of the chart to the clipboard except
it is in the form of a windows metafile. I was thinking maybe I could use
the e.Graphics.drawimage method but cant for the life of me work it out.
Im not really sure where to go. I have spent the last three days stuck on
this and Im getting very frustrated.
I have included part of my code to demonstrate what im trying to do.
Hopefully from this someone can point me to the right method or alternative
to do this. Thanks In Advance.

With e
If e.PageNumber = 1 Then
.WriteLine("The following report is to help in the decision of determining
the urgency of maintenance on ")
.WriteLine(ChnlName & ".")
.WriteLine("Sub Categories for each characteristics are given in sections
to finer analyse the most important")
.WriteLine("characteristics to improve. A summary for each category and
overall summary for the channel are")
.WriteLine("also provided. Recommendations are given at the end of the
.WriteLine("Summary of Charateristics selected:")
mCounter = 4
For i = 4 To LineCount
mCounter += 1
If .EndOfPage Then Exit For
Next i
.HasMorePages = True
ElseIf e.PageNumber = 2 Then
For i = mCounter To LineCount
If .EndOfPage Then Exit For
Next i
.WriteLine("Channel Reach:")
'The code needed to place the chart in report.
.HasMorePages = True
.WriteLine("Text for page 3")
.HasMorePages = False
End If
End With