OnComm Event

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Thread: OnComm Event

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    salih Guest

    OnComm Event

    Dear All
    I am setting up the com parameter but i am not opening the Com port
    i am waiting for ComEvReceive
    but when i send the data to the com
    below the event does not fires
    Please can you tell me why?
    Many Thanks
    Public Sub CommPortTest_OnComm() Handles CommPortTest.OnComm
    Dim buffer As String
    'buffer = myarr.BinarySearch(myarr, "A")
    Select Case CommPortTest.CommEvent

    Case MSCommLib.OnCommConstants.comEvReceive
    buffer = CommPortTest.Input
    TextBox1.Text += buffer
    end select
    end sub

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    Dick Grier Guest

    Re: OnComm Event


    Is the MSComm .RThreshold property set = 1?

    Richard Grier (Microsoft Visual Basic MVP)

    See www.hardandsoftware.net for contact information.

    Author of Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 3rd
    Edition ISBN 1-890422-27-4 (391 pages) published February 2002.

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