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I have doubt if anyone can solve my issue please mail me soon

In Remoting assume i have a class in the server my server program running

with the following code i am registering the class

namespace name is RemotingSamples and the class name is RemoteObject

RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType(typeof(RemotingSamples.RemoteObject),"R emotingServer",WellKnownObjectMode.SingleCall);

in my client

RemotingClassSample remObject = (RemotingClassSample)Activator.GetObject(typeof(ClassLibrary1.RemotingClassSample),"tcp://localhost:8085/RemotingServer");

i have given like this to get the object

but here in this case in my cliei had to add the refrence of the class(which
i want to access)

scenario 1

but if that is the case why should get object from server and access the
class i can ver well instantiate the class in my client itself and access

scenario 2

i can use soapsuds tool to create a proxy like thing and send the file to
client and access but then it uses soap and becomes like webservice it uses
xml so data is transfered in text format not in binary format i have performance
issue here.here instead of remoting doing all these i can goto webservice

scenario 3

i can create a interface for the class and send to client and make my class
to implement the interface but here also i am telling my client that you
are going to access these methods.So Concept of remoting is not well established

can anyone suggest any other method apart from these three to access the
class with the remote object

thankx a lot for spending your valuable time analysing my doubt

expecting early replies




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