I would never put the .mdb in a virtual directory. Any user who links to your .mdb will
be able to download it.

So don't use Server.MapPath but put the mdb somewhere else on one of your disks/network
You could keep the address of the database in an INI file or in the Registry.
(Hardcoding is equally a security issue!!)

Avron Polakow

Ronald wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried and tried, but need some help. Could someone sent me a short but
> complete ASP-script to make a working DNS-less connection with my 'test01.mdb'
> with the fields name, adres and city. I used a found syntax with "Provider=Microsoft
> ...", but I do something wrong. Where does the system look to this provider?
> On the Internet or does I have to download something.
> How does it all exactly work?
> Please help!
> Ronald