Explorer/Netscape with tables

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Thread: Explorer/Netscape with tables

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    Vincent Guest

    Explorer/Netscape with tables

    I have some problems using tables within Netscape.
    I have disigned a pretty easy navigate window on the left side (in another
    frame), the usual stuff thus.
    I made it using a table to make it resize together with the browser window
    (1 column 3 rows). The first Row contains a logo, the second the links,
    the third another graphic. I have put height="100%" for the table, and both
    graphics row to heigh=xxx (pixels then). So that the row with the links resizes
    only when changing the browser window height. Everything works perfect within
    IE, only netscape resizes the 1 and 3 row too!! I search around in HTML books
    and I found that the HEIGHT in a row for Netscape is the MINIMUM HEIGHT,
    and not a FIXED HEIGHT like within IE. It really bothers me!!!! I want my
    site work perfectly within Netscape and IE...
    Do you know how I can solve this problem?? Maybe I need DHTML?

    thanks in advance!!
    you may mail me the solution, I will be pleased if you can help me!!!

    Thanks!! Vincent!

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    Gaston Graf Guest

    Re: Explorer/Netscape with tables


    to load the tables properly in both, IE and NN I do not indicate a size at
    all so the table automatically fits around the largest item such as pictures
    or link like a latey glove fits a hand. It works in both browsers. Please
    feel free to visit my website at http://www.jastaboelcke.de and take a look
    at the source code of the pages. On most pages I am using blind tables to
    place text and pictures properly.

    with kind regards


    > I have put height="100%" for the table, and both
    >graphics row to heigh=xxx (pixels then). So that the row with the links

    >only when changing the browser window height.

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