(Zane Thomas) wrote:
>"Parag" <> wrote:
>>Actually I thought of trying that. But graphics on the form also become

>>because the graphics object is created from the forms.creategraphics method
>>so it may not work

>Get out the salt-shaker, I haven't been working with visible controls or
>graphics myself so this is just the result of visiting the help files:
>Take a look at System.WinForms.Control.CreateParams - I think that shows
>that it's easy to create a 'control' which has a transparent background
>and which displayes clock hands.
>But that's probably the stupid way to do what you're trying to do. :-)
>Take a look in Framework\Samples\QuickStart\winforms\samples\VB\GDIPlus
>where you'll probably find lots of interesting code.
>There're are a zillion handy features in gdi+, be sure to check out the
>Graphics class and all the classes it references.
>Ice Z - Straight Outta Redmond

Actually The control will have to be something like a "skinned" forms we
used to create with regions and API's in VB 6
I was hoping restoring background of a region created from graphics path
something like gaming spirites (did I spell that right ? ;-)

I think the MS folks should include directx as a part of .NET classes/controls
.. maybe that will help. I dont want to reinvent the wheel trying to do with
GDI+ what directx already does
Maybe i'll just download dx8 sdk