hi there

hi it's sanjay here fr india

I'm facing few problems while Configuring IIS 4.0 with NtServer at the WebServer

1) Our site name is www.mis.com

2) How should i upload my sql 7.0 database on server with asp files.

3) is there Should be DSN created on sql 7.0 at webserver.

4) should there any virtual directory(website) under IIS 4.0 created at web
server for mis.com

5) while uploading from cutftp we only see cgi-bin directory,shall we assume
that it is the only directory or there is need to create directory under
root at webserver

6) can we give any database name of sql 7.0 at our end,or is there any name
given by the server.

7) Shall we simply send .mdf and .ldf files of sql 7.0 or DTS service is
reqd and if reqd how should i proceed.

** 8) is it necessary that the virtual directory name or site name at webserver
end and My end
i.e in IIs 4.0 should be the same and the database name should be the same

10) Even after uploading simple html files we r unable to browse on net on
our site.

Please write in detail how should i proceed,and exactly where r the problems
and in case there in any problem at my end or there any settings reqd at
the webserver then do mail me at the earliest


Previously i have create the database on access and i used to upload it thru
just sending .mdb file (cute ftp) and also the asp files .
but how do it sql 7.0

config of webserver.

1) site name mis.com
2) database name at webserver is mis.

i know only these things

write how should i proceed


sanjay agnihotri