When you're having a technical problem and you decide to create a project
small enough to demonstrate the problem only to have the small project work
where the big one doesn't...and they're both essentially the same?

I created a 2nd project to demonstrate not being able to sink .NET events in
VB6 when you want to sink events from a derived class. Well sure enough, my
2 class sample project works where my large project doesn't. Yet aside from
the quantity of classes in my big project, they're identical when it comes
to the inheritance and the events being raised. Grrrr.

Of course, I'm having all these problems with VB.NET. Is there a VB.NET
beta 2 language fixlist someone from MS might want to share with me? I
won't tell....I promise!

I seem to be running into a lot of walls as of late with VB.NET. I can't
wait for beta 2.