I Am A Subscriber To The Mag, And I Have Read Alot Of Articles And Newsgroup
Posts About This New Product.
Me Myself, Well I Couldn't WAIT To Hang Myself With Threads, And Sockets

If It Of Any Interest To You At All What I Did Then Read On:
I Work For An Internet Streaming Company(Adult). We Use C++ And Standard
Apache For Windows On Our Current Streams Which Include VoyeurDorm.Com.
I Wanted To See If We Could Apply The Ease Of VB Data Calls And The New .NET
CLR Access To Sockets And Threads To Make A New Version Of Our Software.
I Have Been Working With Stream Technolgies For About 4 Or 5 Years Now And
We Have Been Using A OLD Netscape Protocol For Streaming(Server Push, Series
Of JPG's Seperated By Boundary). Currently This Is Read On A Client End Via
A Java Applet.

So Did I Do That, Well Yes, I Did And On A LIVE Project NO LESS. Please Don't
Tell Me I'm Stupid, I KNOW I Am Using Beta Software And The Dangers That
Lie In That. But None The Less I Dove In Head First For The New Features
And IDE. Say What You Will About The Changes But I Think Their Great. I Have
Wanted A More Powerful VB With Out The Hassel Of VB's Different Way Of Doing

So I Am Curious Mostly If Anyone Else Have Done Server Type Projects In This
Stuff Yet? I Have Tried Many Control And ActiveX Solutions For Doing The
Same Things As .Net But I Gotta Tell You It Was A Breeze To Do This. Take
Threading, A LONG TIME Coming For VB, What Could Is A Langauge That Runs
In A Multi Window Env. But Doesn't MultiThread. And Just That One Flaw Has
Kept VB Programmers From Writing Apps That Could Handle These Types Of Real
World Server Needs.

In .Net There's Nothing To It, And It Actually Works Unlike Unsupported Tricks:

Dim MyThread As System.Threading.Thread
MyThread=New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf MyFunction)

Two Lines People, To Any VB Programmers That Have Tried Writing Anything
That Even Mimics Threads Like That In VB6, You Know That This Alone Is Worth

And How About Access To System Sockets Out Of The Box, I Know Alot Of Control
Vendors Who Will Be Unhappy But The She Is A Changing...

So In Short I Have Written A Basic Web Server/Streaming Server That Is Currently
Being Tested LIVE. The Only Real Way To Test Servers In My Industry, I Needed
Traffic So I Put It Up. Here's What It Is And What It Does

A Website Called CandidFriends.Com Where Amateur Models Pose For Clients
On A Per Minute Basis. The Server Pulls Images From Capture Software(Written
In Single Threaded VB6(Still Handles 5 Connections)) In Server Push Protocol.
The Server Parses Each Image Put And Stores In OBJ As Byte Array And Info
Fields. The Server Has A Single Vitual Root And Can Load Files However Deep
Beyond The Physical Dir. I Have Written Obj's To Log To A Single File In
MultiThreded Env And The Server Actually Does LIVE Real Time Data To An SQL
Server For Current Image, Model, And Private User Info.
The ClientObj Handles Connections And Currently Is Created And Destroyed
As Each Connction Comes And Is Served. That Obj Serves Standard HTTP Protocol
Out To Browsers, And To A Java Applet Specifically Designed To Interact With
The Server. The Server Does LIVE Authentication Via SQL Data And Even Does
Per Minute Updates On Users Credits And Stats.

I Am Curious To Know If ANYBODY Even Concived Of Doing Something Like This
With .Net And If So I Could Use A Few Pointers Here. I Believe I Have Probs
With GC, WIN32 User Breakpoint Errs(That I Can't Seem To Find) And Enough
Knowledge About The CLR To Know How This Behaves.

So Check It Out, LIVE Right Now, I'd Be Intersted To Know What You Think
Of It And If Any Of You Would Like Maybe To See Some Src Or Ask Questions
Or Even PERHAPS Answer Some Of Mine....

You Can Reach Me @ BobbyS@City-Guide.Com
Check The Site Out(And A VB.Net Webserver/Streaming Server):
http://www.candidfriends.com (Warning, Adult Content There )

And Yes I Know I Type Wierd(All Cap), I Can;t Help It, You Should See My
Var Declarations