In my attempts to install Beta 2, I am currently in a position where I have
the componants installed, but VS installation errors out. I plan to wipe
the drive tomorrow, but...

Can anyone get the media player to work on this page?

It seems IE6 has a new way of handling streaming video. Instead of
working in the 'plug in', I have to show the video in an explorer bar in
the left panel. The trouble is that there is no way to resize that bar,
and if you pop it out, its a modal window on that instance of IE.

That pop out isn't all that great looking, for a player, but I really miss the
ability to use full screen mode....

Can anyone get the 'plug in' on the page to work in IE6?

FWIW I know this isn't .Net related, but IE6 comes as part of the
package, so to speak....